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Table of Contents


The Crisis of Today

State of the World Statistics

Causes of Death All Ages

World Scientists Warning to Humanity

The Air, Water, Ocean and Soil

The Global Warning to Humanity !

Health Wellness Issues

Our Mother Earth and the Sacred Seasons

The Wonderful Animal Kingdoms

Our Precious Children

Wonderful Human Creation

Not so Wonderful Human Creation

Causes of Animal Extinctions

World Fossil Fuel Consumption

How the Greenhouse Effect Works

Top 10 Greenhouse Emitters

The Seven Pollution Megacities

Human Vegetation Disturbance

Megacities 2000

Protected Areas

The Soil Degradation

Causes of Soil Degradation

Watersheds of the World

World Population Growth

Where to get more Information?

State of our Planet "The Synopsis"

Synopsis cont....

What is the fundamental Problem?

What is Our Primary Economy?

The Answer !

What elements sustain civilization?

The Answer !

New Media Plan for Earth Wellness

One Possible Unhappy Future?

One Possible Happy Future!

Our Precious Planet

What is Hope?

The Next Frontier....Our Health Our Earth and Our Common Future...


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Amidst all the pressures and conflicts of our time. Our world is undergoing a great renaissance, a grand renewal of spirit, hope, reason and innovation bringing forth new models and systems of a higher level of civilization.

The State of Our Planet research team wishes to thank the inspiring vision, research and dedication of the following people and groups, who have inspired the compilation of this web site and slide show.

  • Father Thomas Berry and the
    Ecozoic Vision
  • Peter Russell
  • Joe Firmage
  • Hazel Henderson
  • Thomas Berry
  • Thomas Homer Dixon
  • Oscar Ichazo
  • David Suzuki
  • Hardin Tibbs
  • The World Future Society
  • The Union of Concerned Scientists
  • Lester Brown and
  • Guy Dauncey
  • The UN
  • The World Resource Institute
    and many, many more...