Blue Energy Canada Inc.
An Ultra-High Density Sustainable Energy Solution

The most exciting aspect of energy deregulation is that the plugged energy innovation pipeline is finally starting to flow again. For 80 years Energy Monopolies plugged the pipe with their vested interests and now that it is flowing again, there is a bright and clean energy future awaiting us all.

Significant cost gains in wind and photovoltaic technology are occurring, but the exciting developments taking place today are in the emerging high density and ultra high-density renewables. We in the ocean energy sector have been saying for years now that higher energy resource densities are available in our oceans, and that from these, significant gains in economies of scale would be achieved for sustainable resource alternatives. Wave power takes the first step forward with high energy density and then tidal power takes a very large step forward with ultra high-density energy.

The following graphically demonstrates the progress in the renewable sector.

New economies of scale in ultra-high density renewables finally bring fiscal optics of the Hydrogen economy into focus. Hydrogen can now be cost effectively separated from seawater.

Recent fuel cell developments are twice as efficient as our internal combustion engines and the major automakers of the world are now committed to fuel cell programs. Developing ultra high-density ocean energy is the pivotal key to our sustainable global energy future.

In spite of mixed messages from media and special interests, global warming is very real. There is a 100 year hang time on the emissions we’ve already put up there and the proverbial shoe is yet to drop. Thousands of the world’s top scientists continue to emphasize the urgency of our situation.

In the last twenty-five years we have seen a 50% decrease in the thickness of the polar ice cap. The polar ice cap is a large area of the earth covered by snow and ice. Snow and ice have a very high reflective index, and this surface reflects massive amounts of UV and Solar Rays back out into space. A significant cooling factor in climate stability and when the mirror is melted, the large reflective surface becomes energy absorbing.

420,000 years of earth climate history is locked in the trace gasses in the ice cores. The last decade was the warmest on record and at the present rate of global warming we’ll have melted the cooling mirror within the next twelve years. To bring this global catastrophe a little closer to home and put it on a personal responsibility level, consider the following.

The last tank of gas in your SUV melted some 136 cubic feet of precious cooling polar ice cap. (Calculated by top aerospace scientists contracted to Blue Energy)

It is clear that for those of us who can make a difference,
its time to do so now!

Blue Energy is making a difference.
Martin J. Burger CEO Blue Energy Canada Inc.