State of Our Planet Mission

Timeline Steps to a Balanced Sustainable Development
Model for the State of Our Planet

1950-1980 Exploration Years

1980-1995 Articulation Years

1995-2001 Formation Years

2002-2012 ACTION Years !

We are a small group of collaborative researchers reviewing global and environmental issues, social, community, economic and futuristic topics to bring forth solution models for planetary problems.'s mission is to bring together visionary global researchers, experts and students in Global Studies and Environmental Studies to form a network of dialog, content, policy analysis, models, inspiration, resources and solutions on sustainability, global problems and global community for the next stage of civilization for the State of Our Planet. This could be called a fair ecological, economical, social and balanced representative community global development process. Current global pressures create a necessity to bring together the best research and models to assist in the restructuring of environmental, social, economic and diverse policies that allow a sustainable planet for future generations. If you go through this web site you will begin to see how the current structures and systems of human society are collectively creating or beginning to collectively solve the urgent structural, policy, economic, environmental, philosophical and social problems of our current time. A new higher collective social, community, political, economic and environmental 'Reasoning' is emerging on the planet that this project wishes to contribute to.

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