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About Us - The Objective
Ecology and Global Issues
Global Millennium Scenarios
New Economic Indicators
World Scientists Earth Warning
The Ecozoic Vision
New Era Business Planning
The Technology StartUp Process
Quality of Life Indicators

Ocean Energy ....Introduction
We Can Save Our Planet!
Peter Russell - A Crisis of Spirit
Wake up Call to a Complacent World
.More-The Ingenuity Gap

Ethical Investment Management Forum 2007

Ethical investment is experiencing explosive growth and socially responsible investment

Social Investment Organization



The Millennium Institute
The USA energy policy debate 2007, rising demand and constrained supply.

Challenges of the
21st Century, what shall we do?

The Earth Charter Initiative
The Earth Charter Handbook

Helping Youth Build
a Better World

"Global 2000 Revisited is both thunder and lightning across the landscape! Thunder of terror if we continue as of the present! Lightning revealing the grandeur of a possible future! -- Father Thomas Berry, author of The Dream of the Earth and co-author of The Universe Story"

Book Links

Dr. Hazel Henderson
Articles for a New Era

Hey.. Lets Build an
Eco Economy !

Do we have the collective will to put healing the ozone layer at the forefront, to educate ourselves, educate others, to check products on sale locally, to question local business and industries as to their use of these chemicals, to enact local restrictive legislation as needed, to demand national restrictive legislation and compliance from industry and the military; to demand the necessary aid for Third World countries to get their CFCs, HCFCs and halon under control?

Debt Relief Campaigns

Artic Wildlife and the Cariboo.
The Battle to open part of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska to oil exploration.

The International Year of Freshwater 2003!

The European Union. Environment 2010: Our Future, Our Choice

The Incredible Shrinking Ozone Hole

Impact Of Climate Change To Cost The World $US 300 Billion A Year

World Watch Maagazine
Dec 2007

Concerned About World Trade-Click Here the Centre for Policy Alternatives. An amazing
bunch of Research Warriors

Parliamentarians gear up to increase Scrutiny of World Bank

Critical analysis of the World Bank's 1997 World Development Report

Fuel Cell Today

Massive coral bleaching strikes Great Barrier Reef..confirmation is pending that almost all corals across the entire South Pacific have died in the last few months

Climate Change scenario. The Earth is warming and the pace is quickening. Where will it end?

Sea level rises 'underestimated'

A Charter for Global Democracy:
Accountability inAction!

Calculate your personal carbon count

The Path to a Sustainable Planet...Lies Just Ahead...

The Path to a Sustainable Planet
Lies Just Ahead...

The Future is in our Hands we can Halt Global Warming.

What is Global Governance?

Organizations and information focused on the creation of worldwide methods and structures of governance and problem normalization and harmonization (not necessarily government) to tackle the urgent problems facing the globe, be they poverty, environmental degradation, economic policy, food, human rights violations and so on. Topics include United Nations, Globalization issues and Human Rights. Global Governance includes NGO's Non Governmental Organizations, Civil Society, and Third World countries. Other areas include globalization and its effects, positive and negative, social justice and multinational corporations, as well as anti globalization and non-governmental organizations. Plus the effects of globalization, economic globalization and global issues. Topics may include arms race, militarism, civil society, policy harmonization, third world debt and more.

We desperately need to recognize that we are the guests not the masters of nature and adopt a new paradigm for development, based on the costs and benefits to all people, and bound by the limits of nature herself rather than the limits of technology and consumerism."

"Mikhail Gorbachev
Chairman of the Board,
Green Cross International"

The Future of our Home Planet is in Our Hands Right Now. We are in the Time of the Deciding Moment. With a New Cooperative Effort the Brilliant Global Society Lies...Just Ahead !

The Future has Never Existed but is all we have left... Realizing a better world--a new higher reality--involves understanding
and actualizing concepts and practices which reflect the timeless perennial wisdoms. That which is lasting, wisdom, beauty and the universal truths of natural science and higher philosophy.
These perennial truths and practices define our higher human nature, right human relations and right relations between human beings and the natural world.

Gulf Oil Spill Containment Attempt Fails...Crisis continues

Global Oneness Project
What if the world embodied our highest potential?

Amazing Guy Dauncey TEDxVancouver

The End of the Line is a powerful film about one of the world's most disturbing problems
global over-fishing.

. United Nations Climate Change Synthesis Report 2009-excellent!
United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009

A New World View...a Community of Subjects !

Five ways to Save the Planet..some big ideas

Our Earth Home...Special new documentary 1.5 hrs

Permaculture 101. Permaculture is an approach to
designing human settlements and agricultural systems
that mimic the relationships found in natural ecologies.

A profound speech, Severn Suzuki speaking the
Truth at the UN Earth Summit 1992, please listen.

God power... is just an awesome power

Redesigning our World Culture, 'Future by Design'
Futurist Jacque Fresco, Elevating Humans to our Highest Potential

Thought-provoking facts and questions about our current time

We are on the Road to Shamballa..
How does your Light Shine?

'It's Only the Beginning' of a
New Era and a New World'

The Global Oneness Project

There is a source above the everyday thinking that can allow humanity
to ...unite.

Financing Climate Change Video 1 Hour,
we have 3,600 days to Save the Planet and Civilization as we know it

Exopolitics and Global Warming: A Cosmic Connection

Sea Ice Melting faster then we think?
Working for a better world in the year 2025 - here is a view!
Global Financial Meltdown... the beginning of a new beginning?

The State of Our Planet Slide Show Click Here
The Natural Step Framework of Environmental Sustainable Practice!

If the World Warms by Six Degrees Video Presentation & New Book

Fernando Nilo and Recycla are changing the world through cooperative community recycling. Outstanding Social Entrepreneur and CEO of Chile's Recycla urges you to recycle your tech products for a better future.
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Opening Plenary of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2009 - Welcome Address by Hans-Rudolf Merz, President of the Swiss Confederation and Federal Councillor of Finance and Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum 1 hour:13:35
YouTube World Economic Forum
Global Risk Review

Rebooting the Global Economy World Economic Forum

Economics and Power. Journalist Naomi Klein speaks with economists Joseph Stiglitz and Hernando de Soto in a conversation moderated by David Harvey, Distinguished Professor of Anthropology at the Graduate Center - City University of New York

A music video that brings together 16 of the worlds top musicians—some of whom have fled oppressive regimes—in a rousing musical plea to
a guarantee for Human Rights for all.

Imagine another World...
World Future Council
Dr. Vandana Shiva

Great Lecture on Humanity's Future from the
World Future Council
What Happens if the Temperature.....
Rises by 5 - 6 Degrees...
...Global Climate Shock

The Great Work... We are about the Great Work
This site is dedicated to the pioneering vision and works of Father Thomas Berry and the vision of the
~ Ecozoic Era ~
Father Thomas Berry, Books
Thomas Berry the Great Work and ...The Dream of the Earth..thank you Thomas

The Great Work We are about the Great Work. We all have our particular work--some of us are teachers, some of us are healers, some of us in various professions, some of us are farming. We have a variety of occupations. But beside the particular work we do and the particular lives we lead, we have a Great Work that everyone is involved in and no one is exempt from. That is the work of moving on from a terminal Cenozoic to an emerging Ecozoic Era in the story of the
planet Earth...; which is the Great Work. - Thomas Berry

Center for the Story of the Universe

As opposed to just forging ahead in ideologies that do not serve the whole of life and humanity on this small fragile delicate planet we are all totally dependent on for our support. It appears that global society is beginning to seriously consider the structural changes in our civilization that are being recommended by environmental, social, economic, political and spiritual experts that is based on life long assessment and observations. -State of Our Planet -

An ethical approach to globalization can mean nothing less than a rights-based approach to development.
- Amnesty International -

The Next Industrial Design Revolution is...Biomimicry
Learning from the Natural World

A Shift happens one way or another...

Do we need a Shock to Wake up.. The Ingenuity Gap
One Minute Shift to a New World Noetic Science

Al Gores New Slide Show 2008

Capturing the Carbon intro to Carbon Sequestration

Are you a being of Light effecting the world?
Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Right Livelihood Award Recipient Manfred Max-Neef.on dangers to our economic system

Earth Hour Changing the World

The Cutting Edge of an Integral Vision of the World we Live in - Click Here!
Father of the Gaia theory Sir James Lovelock talk,
Climate Change On the Living Earth - 29/10/2007

Our World was bathed in radiant Blue Light...
last winter what could this event mean?
Now larger
than the Sun.

"When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the Heavens,
the Fifth World will emerge".
Hopi Prophecy

The International Politics of Climate Change

Feature Video Kids and Children Learning what they need to learn...and what we adults can't even rememeber.
Children of the Earth Foundation

The Rainbow Warriors are Awakening

Global Warming 101 - The Story

The 11th Hour for our Home Planet has arrived...experts from the
11th Hour Documentary,
Opens in Theatres on Sept 01, 2007
Al Gore, Mr State of Our Planet speaks about his new book on May 29, 2007 Thank you Al Gore.

Sustainable Development
- 15 Global Challenges -

David Suzuki gets interviewed on the CBC about the government's climate change plan

Get the Facts on the Eco Economy from the man himself...Lester Brown

Now.. Does Anyone Really Know What Time it is..the end of the old world or the beginning of a new world..

The World is at the Crossroads We are at a critical juncture in history, a "decision-window" where we face both the danger of global collapse and the opportunity of worldwide renewal. We have, at most, 7 years to head off unsustainable trends that would lead to a "tipping point" beyond which there is no turning back. By 2012 we either evolve to a safer, more sustainable world, or the social, economic, and ecological systems that frame our life will break down.
"The World Future Society 2006"

"Anyone who thinks that an economy can be expanded forever, within the confines of a finite planet, is either a madman or an economist." ~ Economist Kenneth Boulding ~

The Cutting Edge of an Integral Vision of the World we Live in - Click Here!
We are in the process of a Mass Global Species Extinction that is now underway. Human societies and economies may extinct over 1/3rd or more of all known species on this planet. What this will mean to the future of biodiversity, the human species, our common future and survival is unkown.


Does Runaway Methane Release from Melting Permafrost Threaten Human Life with Extinction Within 50 Years.
New Scientists Climate Warning as Siberia melts.
Join the Climate Change Revolution! Climate change is a threat to our civilsation. Society's metabolism, based on fossil fuels since the Industrial Revolution, needs a radical rethink.
Students Building Global Issue Networks 2006 Conference
Forging the way to new alternative energy in Canada.
The BC Sustainable Energy Association
A Global Public Community Grid for World Humanitarian Community
Wow ! Sweden plans to be world's first oil-free economy
The Eco Cities are coming... Eco City Cleveland ..City Planning Links
Earth Meditations and Inspiration... Quotations of Wisdom
World economy giving less to poorest in spite of global poverty campaign says new research
The huge profits reported by oil and gas companies would turn into losses if the social and environmental costs of their greenhouse gas emissions were taken into account.
The Whitehouse Would Break U.S. Oil Addiction With Renewables, Nuclear, Coal
Summary Report: Biking, excercise, health and environment Danich Ecological Council
World Meteorological Organization
World Cancer Day - Focus on Avoidable Causes of Cancer
Toronto's Exhibition Place to Install Largest Solar System in Canada
U.S. Will Decode Soybean DNA to Ramp Up Biodiesel Production
Global Ecological Assessment Calls for Humanity to Value Nature
Global Governance date
International Centre for Sustainable Cities - Assisting Cities around the World in Urban Sustainability

We are in the Time of the Deciding Moment
Civilization has made a lot of progress in the last 100 years.
We are just now beginning to see that our institutional, economic, energy, environmental and social support systems are not in the best shape to handle the pressures that unregulated and uncharted development has on the systems we all count on every day. The current structures of global and regional civilization currently do not have the experience, mechanisms and structures in place to efficiently handle, prepare and confront the increasingly complex ecological, political, social, cultural and economic problems of current and future global challenges and scenarios. Reality is now hitting the planet and human civilization very hard. The misconceptions of our institutional, economic, environmental and social policy processes are becoming increasingly very clear to everyone. The good news is that millions of people, institutions, celebrities, societies and many leaders are beginning to engage a new world cooperative view. This is based on the communities of life and humanity, a commitment to the collective development of reason and civilization and an open process of communication and dialog. A world view that the web of life and the environmental ecosystems must be protected under global governance as the foundation of global development is emerging. We have spent the last 100 years building global hierarchies for a handful of institutions and people. Through this process we have reached the current point of global civilization very quickly. We now must spend the next 20 years organizing network communities of civilization, reason, ingenuity and sharing to create a sustainable future for all of humanity and restore the ecological web of life. This web site is about bringing to you the visionary leaders and groups who have the models and the answers to bring forth solutions to the next stage of a more functional cooperative sustainable civilization. Welcome

Through the expression of great ideas and great ideals, humanity is beginning to awaken to the
possibilities ahead of us.
A Brilliant Peaceful Global Society is just ahead of us

Just New ! The Global Education Project a Graphical Model of
the State of the Planet and our World Commanding Heights - A Better Understanding of Globalization
A better world is possible. James D Wolfensohn
former President, of the World Bank The future is in our hands.
In a new century the world is at the crossroads. Let our children say of this time... we entered a land of hope. - June 23, 2003 - Kofi Annan
Great Stuff! Global Bio-Region Maps (a) Ecoregions (b) Critical Regions
Rescuing a Planet Under Stress and a Civilization in Trouble
GreenPeace Update: An astonishing 80 percent of our ancient forests are being cut
What the World Thinks 2002 Report- Global Attitudes Survey
Landmark Report on the Oceans and it is not good...
Pew Center on Global Climate Change Releases First Comprehensive Approach to Climate Change
UN Report Predicts increased Emmissions - New Creativity is Required
Whats going on... and where is society...going?
Pew Initiative on Food and Biotechnology - Consumers prefer non GMO
April 3, 2003 Toxic Spill leaves 500,000 in Brazil without Water
Earth Light - A Magazine of Earth Ecology - Earth Democracy Principles
The Ecozoic Reader Volume Num 2, Num 3, Num 4, Num 4b.
The Earth Repair Catalogue Online, 250,000 Books for the Earth
The New Economics Foundation New Ideas People and Resources
Global Futures Studies and Research

The Danish Ecological Council reaction to Lomborg's - Sceptical Environmentalist theories. Sustainable Answers to Sceptical Questions ..Download PDF click here

"The United Nations once dealt only with Governments. By now we know that peace and prosperity cannot be achieved without partnerships involving Governments, international organizations, the business community and civil society.
In today's world, we depend on each other.
" Kofi Annan,
UN Secretary-General"

"The whole of my life has been about getting further and further upstream, so that I'm ahead of the power curve, as it were. And the highest upstream that I can figure out how to get is in designing new cultural DNA and splicing it into cultural codes, as well as identifying malfunctioning "DNA strands," such as GNP, which generate pathological patterns in the body politic. This activity has the biggest multiplier in terms of shifting the system towards sustainability." ...Hazel Henderson

“In order to change something, don’t struggle to change the existing model. Create a new and better model, and make the old one obsolete.” ...Buckminster Fuller.

"Imagination is more important than knowledge"
...Albert Einstein

Our comments on Times Poll Is the environment doomed.
Based on the results of this poll most people feel the environment is doomed. This is why it is so vital and important you connect to the right information like Time's Report and from the experts like Lester Brown and his book Eco-Economy and Elisabet Sahtouris, Living Systems work on how DNA can reorganize very quickly given the support systems to do so. This not only includes the living systems DNA but the DNA of society or the reasoning and processing systems of society. The solutions are possible and emerging and can emerge very quickly as all of humanity begins to come together.

The State of Our Planet Network
Interdisciplinary Research, Solutions,
Models, Vision and Ingenuity
for the Next Stage of Global Civilization.

The State of Our Planet - Award Winning Presentation - Click Here.
Contact: info[at]

The State of Our Planet Award Winning Slide Show - Click Here
~The first principle of the new model must be that humans and Earth be in a mutually enhancing relationship. Without this principle as a starting point, no model of development, no vision of progress is sustainable.~
Father Thomas Berry: The Dream of the Earth

Content and research inspired by the efforts, research
and writings of visionary leaders and societies like:

Joanna Macy, Ph.D & The Great Turning
The shift from the Industrial Growth Society
to a Life-Sustaining Global Civilization.

Peter Russell
Futurist Dr. Hazel Henderson
Guy Dauncey & Sustainable Communities
Earth Policy Institute and Lester Brown
Joseph Firmage

Rachel Carson
Sierra Club
Thomas Homer-Dixon and The Ingenuity Gap
The Natural Step Canada
World Resources Institute
The Millennium Institute
The United Nations
The Union of Concerned Scientists
Worldwatch Institute
ION's The Institute of Noetic Sciences
Elisabet Sahtouris, Living Systems & Society
David Suzuki Foundation
The Institute of Cultural Affairs and the work
of facilitation and human factors in
world development

CIVICUS and the emerging Global Civil Society
Environment News Service
The Liu Institute for Global Issues
- Dymystifying Global Issues - 'An Advocate for the Earth Award'

"Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, . . . we shall harness . . . the energies of Love. Then, for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered... Fire."
~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin ~

The Geopolitics of post 1945 continue to dominate the governance structures of key institutions, even at this point well into the post-colonial era. We need to concede that many of these public institutions appear to be operating under rules and logic models that are not in keeping with the realities that citizens confront around the world today.
~ 10
February 2003, Dr. Kumi Naidoo Secretary General & CEO CIVICUS: World Alliance for Citizen Participation ~

"An economic system cannot exist without an ecological system: the ecological system being the principal system, from which the economic system is derived."
From the Book:

An interesting question to ask!

What is the First Economy
of Our Wonderful Planet Earth?

"A human being is part of the whole called by us the Universe. We experience ourselves, our thoughts and feelings as something separated from the rest --a kind of optical delusion of consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures, and the whole of nature in its beauty."
-- Albert Einstein

"If we want to solve a problem that we have never solved before, we must leave the door to the unknown ajar. We are at the very beginning of time for the human race."
Richard Feynman - American theoretical physicist

Building a Global Community Solutions Network for
the State of Our Planet

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Free e Book
Eco-Economy: Building an Economy for the Earth by Lester R. Brown

The Real Wealth of

- IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
get the facts here.

World Business Council
on Sustainable Development

Main Site Earth Summit 2002, Johannesburg Summit, Rio+10, Johannesburg 2002, World Summit on Sustainable Development-Click Here
Main Site Johannesburg Summit

Turning the Corner Energy Solutions for the 21st Century

Global Environmental Governance: Options & Opportunities

From Empire to
Earth Community...
The Great Turning

The First Economy of the Planet is the Sacred Sustaining Life Systems
Earth Summit 2002, Johannesburg Summit, Rio+10, Johannesburg 2002, World Summit on Sustainable Development
Review The World Summit on Sustainable Development

Intent for a Nation
An Optimistic Manifesto for Canada's Role in the World

Post Earth Summit Review

The Global People’s Forum Civil Society Declaration.
A Sustainable World Is Possible

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State of Our Planet News

Nov 14, 2002
Pink salmon collapse unprecedented, says fisheries department scientists



Aug, 2002 Drought Hits 49 States

July 10, 2002 Humanity Will Pay for Abuse of the Environment,
Warns WWF

Download WWF Living Planet Report

2002 'Warmest for 1,000 years'

$600 Million Needed For Protecting Ozone Layer Over Next Three Years, Say Experts, Taking Ozone Fund To $2 Billion Mark

Multi-Media Presentation. 'The Effects of Global Warming'

Current Model of Globalization is Straining the Planets Health!

Costa Rica declared a country free of oil exploration

Disasters waiting to happen The social and economic costs of global warming will block all progress in the developing world

The Environmental New Network...
connect to it

Carbon Emmissions markets will double in size

Good News for a Change - Some Progress Happenning!

Good News for a Change. The Shift is Possible!
Get your Copy!

Water and the Future of Life on Earth

Jubilee Debt Campaign.
Billions of people in the world's poorest countries are held captive by debts that can never be repaid.

Turn the Tide - Nine Actions for the Planet.

Kyoto Protocol Documents ...More

UN conference backs indigenous peoples drug payout
for the right to use native plants to make commercial drugs and cosmetics.

Overview Corporate led Globalization by
the amazing
Susan George

Antarctica sends 500 billion tonne warning of the effects of global warming. 200-metre thick, 3,250 square kilometres

Human Society can transform and become the stewardship of the Sacred Earth